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Design and Cad getting there

First of all I have to mention that we are at an amazing £1,850 raised for PCUK already!!!!

I am so amazed by everyone's generosity, a massive thank you to you donators!

We have finalised the overall design and dimensions now, with huge thanks to my oldest son Ollie, who is drawing upon the full depth of his motorsport design experience and talents, coming up with this "monococ" design.

Now we are detailing the electrics, the floor storage cells, the kitchen layout, the braking system, the water storage and ballast.......... and the list goes on.

We should have all this finished in the next week or two, then the fun bit of making the beast starts.

I will be popping up to London soon to raid Tim Risby's garage, which houses various spare wheelchair components which we are hoping to use, thanks Tim.

Work continues to find some "corporate sponsors" who might be able to supply aluminium, lithium ion batteries solar panels etc.

Thanks for your interest

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