This ride would not be at all possible without the generous financial and conceptual support of a sponsor.

So when Steven Novick reached out to offer his support, I knew we were a 'goer'!

Steven founded Farmstand back in 2016 having endured his own cancer journey.

He recognised 'The power of plants' in our everyday diet, and made it his mission to set up a company which could supply sustainably created, restaurant quality food to every doorstep in the UK.

Farmstand's dishes are not exclusively veggie, but the power of a plant based diet is core to their offering, and makes eating one plant based meal a day an achievable reality for everyone.

The benefits of vegetarianism towards avoiding or minimising the effects of cancer are well documented.

After you have generously donated to The Marsden, please click on the Farmstand banner above and try their fantastic offerings.

About Me

I am a 59 year old Ex-Restaurateur based in Rye, East Sussex, UK. I have been fighting prostate cancer for 8 years now and this site is all about raising funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Research and Drug Development Unit, who have kept me alive for the last 18 months, and in order that they may continue their fantastic work in identifying, researching and delivering drugs and treatment for a wide selection of cancers.


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