We owe a huge debt of thanks to Maxim, one of the South East's leading PR and Marketing companies, which has been working hard behind the scenes generating interest for The Swansong Ride, generously donating their time to our Prostate Cancer UK fundraising! They have been instrumental in many of the leaps and bounds that we have made putting this exciting challenge together. Thanks Maxim!

More fantastic news for the Swansong Ride, Dore Metals are joining forces with LKM in providing all the aluminium for the "Pod". Whilst LKM reclaim the aluminium from the likes of old windows and doors, Dore Metals, then re-process the reclaimed raw material into aluminium sheet and box section. With this in place manufacture of the Pod will commence immediately. A huge thank you to the Dore Metals team!!!

We are incredibly excited to announce that LKM recycling will be supplying us with the aluminium needed for the manufacture of the "Cyclopod"

We have been very keen to keep our "carbon footprint" as low as possible on this project, LKM stepping in to provide the aluminium from recycled material is a really significant step, a massive thank you to the LKM team!!!

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I am a 56 year old Restaurateur based in Rye, East Sussex, UK. I have been fighting prostate cancer for 5 years now and this site is all about raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK, in order that they may continue their fantastic work in promoting awareness for the disease, and investing in research projects that may help detect and even cure PC.


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