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A 4,500 mile e-bike ride, towing an aluminium

teardrop caravan, raising much needed funds for

The Royal Marsden

Cancer Research and Drug Development Unit

Farmstand against Cancer


At the end of 2017, my oncologist sat me down and told me that I had about 12 months of reasonable health left until the Prostate Cancer that I have been fighting since 2012 would gain the upper hand.

So I decided to do a big ride on my ebike, towing a tear drop caravan made in the shed, from Rye in Sussex all the way to Syracuse in Sicily.


The trip took place in the summer of 2018, it took 2 months covering 2,000 miles, and we raised nearly £40,000 for Prostate Cancer UK.

By the end of 2019 I was becoming quite unwell, and the armoury of medication was at an end. I had had surgery, chemo therapy, radio therapy and various forms of hormone treatment, all of which had worked for a while but had all been out witted by the cancer.

At the beginning of 2020, just as Covid 19 was appearing in the UK, I was accepted onto a phase 1 drug trial at The Royal Masrden Hospital's Drug Development unit in Sutton, Surrey.

A year later I am still here! Better than that, I am feeling well and the cancer blood markers (PSA score) have been reduced to very low levels.

So.........It's time to do another big ebike ride towing my home made aluminium caravan. This time raising funds for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity to help them research and trial new ways of fighting all cancers, not just Prostate.

On May 30th (subject to Covid restrictions) I plan to leave my home and follow the coastline for 4,500 miles in an anticlockwise direction until I get home again.

The ride will take between 3 and 4 months, during which time I will be living in my mini caravan that we call The Velopod.

Please give generously. The Marsden do an amazing job giving people like myself extra time, whilst continuously researching and trialing new potential treatments and cures.

It would not be possible to organise this sort of mad cap adventure without financial and moral support. So you can imagine my excitement when Steven Novick, the founder and CEO of Farmstand reached out to offer his support, I knew we were a 'goer'!

Steven founded Farmstand back in 2016, having endured his own cancer journey. He recognised 'The Power of Plants'in our everyday diet, and made it his mission to set up a company which could supply sustainably created, restaurant quality food to every doorstep in the nation.

Farmstand's dishes are not exclusively 'veggie', but the power of the plant based diet is core to their offering, and makes eating one plant based meal a day a simple and achievable reality for all of us.

The benefits of vegetarianism towards avoiding or minimising the effects of cancer are well documented.

After you have generously donated to The Royal Marsden, I thoroughly recommend that you click on the Farmstand banner above and try their fantastic offerings which will be delivered to your door!!


  • Plant-powered: 80% vegetarian (65% vegan), 5% sustainable fish, and 15% ethical meat

  • Bulk deliveries for efficiency and time saving

  • Carbon-neutral delivery

  • Massively reduced waste from kitchen to table.

  • 100% ingredient traceability

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