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A busy few weeks

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. With over 650 miles ridden since my last post, 4 blood tests, a pet choline scan and most recently the addition of an "oral chemotherapy" drug to the dreaded medication regime .

That being said, I am feeling fantastic, must be the endorphines from all the bike riding, in fact I am now an official endorphine junky!

Our chums at LKM Recycling have been busy collecting an array of aluminium parts and we are now very close to commencing construction of the "Pod".

I really fancied riding the 45 miles to Maidstone hospital for my most recent visit, but was told (in no uncertain terms by the lovely Mrs Aylett) that I must not, and I am very glad I didn't, as as soon as I arrived there they plugged me in to various gadgets which would have probably started rusting in the sweat if I had cycled there.

We have pretty much finalised the "Pod" design now. A lot of people have asked me if I am cycling from within the pod, which I am not. I am towing the beast, hence this screen grab to show you roughly how it will be.

A truly tremendous bi-product of cycling every day, apart from those lovely endorphines, is that one suddenly realises what a stunning country we live in. I have discovered lanes that I had no idea existed, which are breath takingly beautiful. The trouble with driving around from A to B in our cars is that all this scenic pleasure is lost to us, Get out on your bicycle people, it's really gorgeous out there!

A few days ago, Ollie and I set out to ride to Dover, and in so doing, discovered at least 20 miles of car free, pedestrian/ cycle paths along the coast and sea wall defenses. It is ironic that on a hot summer's weekend Camber will have 25,000 people sitting cheek by jowl on its lovely sandy beach, yet here we have 20 miles of stunning seaside that I bet is fairly empty on those same weekends.


Did you know that The United Kingdom has a desert? Yes a real live desert! And it is here on our doorstep at Dungeness, an extra ordinary "moonscape" of fishing winches, huts, pebbles and sea cabbages gowing wild! And there is even a "Fish Fry" down at the light house end, serving freshly prepared locally landed fish with delicious salad slaws, right on the pebbles, prepared and served from a hatch in an old shed/ sea container. Exquisite. A huge thanks to Nick for an amazing 55 mile ride (he went on to complete 90 miles), a fish salad, and even a cream tea, later in the ride, at Appledore. Cheers mate!

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